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Kentarou Higashikunimaru - Boyfriend/Wife/Friend/Sentai Partner
Nokoru Imonoyama - Director General
Kimihiro Watanuki-Doumeki - Boss
Rin Okumura - Co-Worker
Akira Ijyuin - Co-Worker
Alice Hamilton - Friend
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You have reached Shukaidou Takeshi, please leave a message after the tone.

If you are attempting to contact Duklyon, please contact the Director General

If you are trying to get a hold of the Duklyon Bakery, please contact Watanuki Kimihiro.

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...Kentarou...the woman that you've been staying with contacted me...

[Awkward pause.]

I realize that you're mad at me.
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...Kentarou hasn't come home in a while. I bet the idiot is mad at me or something.

[Looks a lot more worried than he means to.]

If he's in trouble...

Ugh, nevermind, why am I even talking to this stupid thing!? Its not going to make him come back!

[Comm is thrown against the wall and transmission dissolves into static.]
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[Camera turns on to show Takeshi getting his shoulder tended to by a doctor.]

Hello...er...this is Shukaidou Takeshi. And Kote-san. We're- OWWW! Geez!

Sorry. We're at the hospital in Asuka at the moment, then we'll be...Kote-san, where are we going after this?

Back to the dojo. I'm over an hour behind in my training now. And you could use some more practice too. Your blocks are sloppy.

SLOPPY!? You attacked me! For no reason!

[Kote sighs, starting to get annoyed.]

I told you! I was testing you!

[Takeshi crosses his arms then yelps.]

Be careful Shukaidou-san. You shouldn't move your arm until your collar bone is healed.

...wait, how long will that be?

Well, given that Shukaidou-san is only 16, and in good health...he should keep the sling on for 3-4 weeks, maybe less. But it won't be fully healed for 3-4 months. You'll need to come in for regular x-rays and do some exercises to keep the muscles strong. So no fighting for a while.

You're kidding...


[This doctor is really too happy about this prognosis...]

Wonderful. Fine, you can watch me, commit my motions to memory, and do your stupid exercises.

...can I get some painkillers?

[Connection terminated.]
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Shukaidou Takeshi (秋海洞 威)
Duklyon: CLAMP School Defenders (学園特警デュカリオン)
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16; Born 21.06.1974


Takeshi is a hard working student who doesn't like distractions, silliness, or slackers. Meaning he doesn't like Kentarou...or at least didn't. He's honestly a nice guy, but has a problem getting over his 'stick in the mud' attitude. In other words, fun only comes after work in his mind. And if there's no work to be done, well he'll go find some! He really doesn't like to waste his time with being unproductive. While normally pretty reserved and normal, anything to do with Duklyon, or Kentarou, or Erii, or the Director General tends to rile him up pretty quickly, turning him into a loud, flailing blur that is normally chasing after Kentarou. He is not afraid of using violence (normally only towards Kentarou) to get his point across. Takeshi also tends to be concerned with things like rules, and keeping their identities as the CLAMP School Defenders a secret. Thus anyone who doesn't follow the rules tends to piss him off.

While he is smart (he claims to be one of the top students in his grade), he tends to fail at things like cooking, art, and singing. And he doesn't exactly like to be reminded of his short comings. He's noble and brave, and puts the well being of others before his own. Which is why he agreed to become a Defender, and then stick with it after he realized how annoying Kentarou was. He can be a little daft, as he never recognized Kotobuki as the Leader of the Imonoyama Shopping District Association, or Nokoru as being the Director General.  Giant mallets, and the tiny girls swinging them tend to scare him. And he's wary of any strong willed, hot tempered girl.

He likes his peace and quiet, as well as a good practice test. He enjoys practicing kendou, and hopes to someday get a job as a salary man at a good company. His ambitions and dreams really don't go beyond that...and considering he's a realist, that's okay for him. If you annoy him enough, he tends to give in and deal with you, grudgingly. That said, he doesn't give up on anything else very easily. After all, he still hopes that someday Kentarou might remember they aren't supposed to yell out their secret identities. Takeshi does have a love/hate relationship with Kentarou. Some days he can stand the annoyance, others he wants to kill him. Most of the time he just doesn't say anything in favour of avoiding Kentarou bursting into tears over him claiming they aren't friends. So, he's allowed Kentarou to give him the title of 'best friend'. In other words, Takeshi hates being the cause of someone's tears. Sweet huh? ^__^


Takeshi is a champion kendouka, and as such is a decent fighter in or out of his Defender armour. He knows his way around sword, and a library (not that the second is horribly useful). He is also able to transform into the Blue Duklyon Defender (magical suit transformations for 500 please!). His Duklyon sword can easily slice through enemies (of the crack & fail horribly family) and is even more powerful when used with Kentarou in their 'Duklyon Final Crush' finishing move.

He is aware of Kentarou's forth walling, and generally tried to keep him from attacking/writing angry letters to/getting the attention of their creators. He doesn't really do any of this himself, as it falls under the 'silly and annoying things' category.

Warning: Um...this is CLAMP's crack sentai series...must I say more?

CLAMP School was built by the powerful Imonoyama family (roughly in 1965), and is a fully functioning community in itself with classes from kindergarten to university. The school hosts many of the top Japanese minds, so the founders decided, on top of the school's normal security, to form a peace keeping force. With a hidden lair based under the Duklyon Bakery in the Imonoyama Shopping District in the southern portion of the campus (the oven turns into a slide), the CLAMP School Defenders are a sentai force of two. One red and one blue suit, both containing the latest technology and maybe even a touch of magic for easy transformations, are given to the two best candidates as chosen by the Director General. At first, Duklyon was run by CLAMP School's chairwoman. But as her sons began to grow up, she let them take over as the Director Generals of the force, allowing them to pick the members of the team and give the team orders as they saw fit. In 1983, the Chairwoman's youngest son, Nokoru, entered 6th grade and became the Director General. 

Takeshi was chosen by Nokoru to become a CLAMP School Defender after he had won the High School Division Intramural in kendou that May. He came from an average family, and for all intents and purposes believed he would continue to live an average life. He had a morning paper route as a part time job of all the possible mundane things! Though he did get top marks in school and was a champion in kendou. So maybe he wasn't as average and boring as he wanted to be. That is, until he met his partner, fellow first year high school student, Class Z clown: Kentarou Higashikunimaru. The normally reserved Takeshi was suddenly forced to work with the loudest boy in class. Not to mention most idoitic. And annoying. And a slacker! And had he mentioned Kentarou's family just happened to be independently, and annoyingly wealthy? And Takeshi's list of greivences goes on...(Nokoru accidentally 'lost' said list of reasons why Takeshi thought Kentarou wasn't fit to be a Defender). Never the less, Takeshi believed that protecting the students and faculty of CLAMP School was more important than having to deal with a questionable partner. So he decided to stay on as the blue suited defender.

The Director General (Nokoru concealed his identity with a pair of sunglasses and stylish military uniform) signaled them by playing a weird song over the school intercom system. Whenever it started, they'd been ordered to drop everything and go to the Duklyon Bakery base to meet with second year high school student, Erii Chusonji, their assistant and disciplinarian, as well as speak to the Director General for instructions. They were also instructed to keep their identities and the location of their base secret from everyone...except Erii, Nokoru, Nokoru's random female assistants, and the old woman who ran the bakery.

Five months passed, and Kentarou had completely convinced himself that he and Takeshi were the best of friends. Takeshi however still wanted nothing to do with him. He had to continually stop Kentarou from blowing the secret that they were the Defenders. And put up with the other boy trying to force food on him, and carrying on with his other bizarre, loud, and flailing actions. Unfortunately, their classmate, the 'sickly' Kotobuki Sukiyabashi also seemed to think they were great friends.

One of their first majour missions involved the Imonoyama Shopping District Association kidnapping the Kindergarten Division's Chairman, Utako Ohkawa. They got out of class for by asking to go to the nurse...though they were supposed to take Kotobuki to the nurse as well. (somehow they both ended up on the student body health board together). Racing to the crime scene on jet powered skates, with Erii behind them on her moped, Takeshi and Kentarou (though Takeshi lagged behind a little...it's not his fault Kentarou is a champion track runner!) crossed the campus to the Kindergarten Division on the northwest side. The leader of the Imonoyama Shopping District Association proclaimed that kidnapping Utako and taking over the kindergarten were their first steps to world domination. However the boys showed up right then, giving the normal 'We're the heroes and thus we'll stop you!' speech. The ISDA's Leader didn't particularly like that, so he sent an evil octopus after them...(if you think this is weird, it gets better!) Evil Beast Okkun (the octopus) managed to wrap a tentacle around Kentarou's neck, but Takeshi slashed it off with his sword. Going right for their team finishing move 'Duklyon Final Crush', they finished off the octopus easily and the ISDA's Leader retreated angrily. Utako (and her beloved Akira Ijyuin, otherwise known as 20 Mensou) thanked the Defenders and everyone went back to their normal activities. Takeshi, Kentarou, and Kotobuki were all reprimanded once they returned to class, since none of them had actually gone to the nurse's office. The three of them were forced to clean up the classroom at the end of the day as punishment.

Kentarou, being such a spaz not only tended to get on Takeshi's nerves, but also tended to get them into trouble. While trying to keep him from blurting out their secret identities during class (AGAIN!), one of their teachers became angry at them for disrupting the lesson. As punishment, the teacher made them stand outside the classroom while holding buckets of water. Kotobuki had also been talking, but because of his illness, the teacher made Kentarou and Takeshi hold his buckets as well. It was during this particular punishment that Kentarou gave them nicknames. Kenpi and Takepon. Takepon Takeshi was not pleased. Kotobuki was called away to the main office for a phone call, and not panels later, a strange song began to play over the intercom. Kentarou brust back into the classroom and declared his grandfather had been taken to the emergency room. The teacher was about to agree to let him go, when he then stated that he wanted Takeshi to go too. The teacher didn't want to let Takeshi go, but after Kentarou yelled that Takeshi was his 'nearest and dearest friend' and nearly strangled Takeshi in a head lock, the teacher let them both leave in hopes that he might be able to finish the lesson in peace. Racing the entire length of the campus from the High School Division to the bakery, they opened the oven door only to find bread. They were then doused in water...after which the bakery lady took all the bread out of the oven and wished them luck. Finally in their secret base, the Director General informed them that the Imonoyama Shopping District Association had taken over the school cafeteria. Erii and Kentarou immediately went into a rant over the things they had been planning to eat for lunch. But Nokoru, and a little prodding about being selfish from Takeshi, got them back on topic. He gave them a time limit of until the lunch bell after fourth period, and sent them off. When they finally arrived at the cafeteria, Kotobuki dressed up like a Visual-Kei band member complete with weird makeup! the Leader of the ISDA had proclaimed the cafeteria theirs and was helping himself to an early lunch. The Defenders announced they would defeat the ISDA and Kotobuki the leader send Kamakiller...a giant evil praying mantis with two scythes (I told you it got better!) after them. The boys used their 'Duklyon Final Crush' move just in time. Though the ISDA didn't have time to retreat before they were trampled by CLAMP School's thousands of students excited for lunch.

Kentarou's antics only continued as time went on. One morning on the way to school he yelled out 'Hey there sweet cheeks!' to get Takeshi's attention. Sadly Takeshi had been trying to ignore him. Kentarou thought he was most likely grumpy because he'd missed breakfast and unwrapped a huge stack of bento he'd made just for Takeshi. Takeshi began yelling about wanting a normal life, and not being Kentarou's friend, which only served to draw a crowd of students, including Kotobuki and Erii...who hit them both in the head with a giant mallet (where she keeps it, we will never know~). She then began to reprimand them for making a scene and for almost revealing their identities (which Kentarou had almost said...again). 'CLAMP School Defenders Duklyon Directive #41: Operatives are to avoid conspicuous activities at all costs!' Erii's display of mallet smashing awesome got Kotobuki's attention and his next panel was filled with shojou flowers...he was in love.

Later that afternoon, Kotobuki joined Kentarou and Takeshi for lunch and commented on how they looked like newly weds...this gave Kentarou an excuse to profess that he'd always wanted to be a bride. Takeshi was unsure how the hell he'd gotten involved with these people. After Kotobuki left and they were finished...huh Kotobuki seems to leave right before the Defenders get called on...the strange music began to play over the intercoms. Ha HA! See! ...now back to your regularly scheduled app history. Arriving at the super secret lair, Nokoru, with nifty sunglasses, informed them that the high school second year class Z had been taken hostage in the chemistry lab. But not until he asked about Kentarou's 'bento of devotion'. (CLAMP stop baiting the shonen-ai fan-girls!) The video showed that it was Erii's class and both of them figured that she would have the situation taken care of by the time they got there. Sure enough - cut to the chem lab - Erii was as firey and violence happy as ever and took no time at all to begin beating up the ISDA lackeys with her bare hands. The Leader realized that she had been the girl he'd had a flowery panel over and became distracted long enough for Kentarou and Takeshi to show up. This time they got to face a giant evil goldfish...Wogeruge! (Honestly don't ask, it gets even better later on!) The boys decided to break the rules and skip right to their finishing move, enjoyed a panel of explosions (yay!), then cut to more of Kotobuki/ Secret Leader of the ISDA crushing on Erii before he decided to retreat. Takeshi was about to chase after him, but was stopped by a mallet to the head and was then chased by Erii complaining about how she could have died because they were late.

After that, Kotobuki began acting strangely. He suddenly stood up and class and yelled 'Will you be my penpal'...this was of course the result of some strange dream about Erii. This was further shown when Kotobuki walked into a tree while they were painting outside. Kentarou commented that Kotobuki had started to act strangely after he met Erii, but then changed the topic to Takeshi's horrible painting skills. (Add - Annoyingly good at art to the list of complaints!) Their painting was interrupted by a song playing over the intercom and both boys tried to get up to run off to the bakery base. However the dog they had been painting tripped them and directed their attention to the TV perched on its head showing Nokoru (Yay random resource budget!). He told them that the ISDA had taken over the Junior High's gym class. Kentarou asked about Erii, but Nokoru showed them a note from her doctor saying she had a cold. They didn't exactly believe Erii was capable of getting sick, but Nokoru shooed them off to do their job before they could ask more questions. The ISDA had brought Wooltar (also its evil and giant)! An incredibly cute sheep that was so cute you just had to touch it...at which point it would shock you with static electricity. Even the ISDA and its Leader had fallen to its cuteness before the Defenders managed to show up. After a dramatic and visually dynamic entrance, the Duklyon boys took no time in falling for the sheep's cuteness as well. While they were both down for the count, Erii showed up, with an obscenely large laser gun and began firing on the ISDA after the normal spiel about good conquering evil. She managed to blow off Wooltar's fake cute face and Duklyon was able to defeat it with their finishing move. The ISDA's Leader noticed a strange resemblance between his classmate Erii, and the girl clad in the pink space suit toting the giant laser gun, then retreated. Erii then proceeded to abuse her wayward team mates for doing...something wrong. As always.

A few of the classes decided to take a field trip to the campus' green house. Takeshi thought the whole idea was stupid and that the future of the country was going to be decided by slackers like Kentarou. Kentarou meanwhile was enjoying the trip and eagerly picked a basket full of fruit and nuts to make food for Takeshi since his family is poor according to Kentarou. Erii, whose class was also there, told them to knock off their silly behaviour and was presented with an entire basket of things Kotobuki had picked for her. Cue shojou style sparkles and a dreamy look from Erii. This only cued more speculation on Kentarou and Takeshi's part as to if their classmate was in love with their bossy teammate. Their discussion was cut short by the Imonoyama Shopping District Association showing up...again. This time they had a giant evil elephant that was dressed like Arabian dancing girl. Suckophant began sucking up all the food from the trees while Kotobuki declared that the green house was the chapter's first step to world domination. But how did Nokoru contact them while they were in the green house!? Not to fear! He'd installed hologram projectors all over, the one the Duklyon team happened to be near looked a bit like the top of a Vileplume. The Director General ordered them to defeat the ISDA and to get him some pears and chestnuts...for evidence (ie a snack later). Takeshi and Kentarou transformed and then climbed up the side of the green house to give their 'must defeat evil' speech. This happened to be a perfect place for Suckophant to try to suck them up since there wasn't much to hold onto. Erii threatened them into action and they defeated the elephant with 'Duklyon Final Crush' and sent the ISDA running. Then they started gathering pears and chestnuts to help satisfy Nokoru's sweet tooth. While they were doing this, Erii asked them about Kotobuki, inadvertantly knocking Takeshi across the green house with a punch. Both Defenders were surprised, confused and a little afraid when she then declared that he was handsome.

The next chapter opens with Takeshi and Kentarou in the middle of a meeting for the school's cultural festival. Takeshi complains that they never do any actual work at school. But Kentarou basically tells him to suck it up as they'd been chosen by a supposedly random selection to be on the theatre committee. Nokoru took the floor and began to address the elementary and high school division representatives present at the meeting (with additional fan-fare provided by his fan club). While he's talking, Kentarou explains about Nokoru being a genius and son of the founders of the school and being handsome...etc. Which only manages to get Takeshi riled up causing Nokoru to turn his attention to them. Takeshi shuts Kentarou up rather forcibly, and Nokoru continues with an overly dramatic reveal of the theatre production title, doves, streams, and amused laughter and all. Both Takeshi and Akira (you remember him from way back in their first mission right!?) freak out as the banner that unrolls reads: CLAMP School Defenders Duklyon vs. The Man of 20 Faces! Kentarou thinks this is a wonderful idea for a play by the way. So does Nokoru. And to prove as much he'd chosen Takeshi and Kentarou to play the Duklyon Defenders and Akira to play the kaitou thief 20 Mensou! After the meeting they reported back to HQ where Erii had a mini freak out about this latest development. Not surprisingly the Director General didn't think it was so bad. Erii who had given an upper cut to Kentarou's jaw a few moments before then changed her tune and agreed it was a wonderful idea for a play. Takeshi warily helped Kentarou stop his nose bleed. Nokoru The Director General then explained that they would merely be playing a role and thus wouldn't be violating any of Duklyon's rules. He also added that contributing to the entertainment needs of the public was also a reasonable service for a super hero to preform. The boys soon started rehearsals with Akira showing an interesting adeptness at the tasks set for the masked thief. Opening night at the school's coliseum was packed. Kentarou was a natural actor, but Takeshi was like a stiff piece of wood the other boy was toting around on stage. However the play began to change direction as the Director General showed up and gave them details about catching 20 Mensou that weren't in the script. Then things got weirder and the Imonoyama Shopping District Association showed up ready for a fight. Takeshi and Kentarou had barely transformed into their armor (behind the cover of a convenient smoke screen) when a plane equipped with a dust pan began flying towards them. It took everyone by surprise, then neatly swept up Takeshi and Kentarou. The pilot (20 Mensou, aka Akira), smiled as he flew away with his prize and everyone else looked on confused until a banner announced the end of the play. Nokoru, not completely forseeing this ending was still amused, though he still wondered who 20 Mensou was. For the boy who knows almost everything about everyone at CLAMP School...well its amusing for the mun. The boys were shipped back to the bakery base not long after in a cardboard box. Erii was not pleased!

YAY! Done!...oh wait we still have volume two. Damn.

Volume two opens with Takeshi and Kentarou kicking bad guy butt! However, Erii is not impressed by their slowly slowing...(yes that can make sense!) arrival times. Her graph proves just how upset she is by this. As does her mallet usage. Kotobuki joins the three of them on the cafe terrace where they are having desserts. And blushing and shojou bubbles commence as Erii and Kotobuki dance around each other while Kentarou and Takeshi are abused by Erii...until they sneak off at least. Or...tried to...Nokoru had other ideas, popping a video screen right out of the sidewalk in front of them to let them know that the Imonoyama Shopping District Association was attacking again! This time it is Honey...the giant evil bee. (Okay that's just lame...) But what's this? Kotobuki is still on his 'date' with Erii!? Takeshi and Kentarou use 'Duklyon Final Crush' and the bee bites the dust in a pretty explosion. Kotobuki and Erii have a few more sparkly, lovey dovey panels, but Kotobuki is concerned about something. So, its off to the evil lair! Which is...the Faculty meeting room? Which is in a castle!? *checks map* Since when is there a CASTLE on the campus!? (*dragged back to the point!*) Right! Castle. Evil Lair. Plot...kinda. Kotobuki confronts his weirdly masked minions about why they attacked without his say so, only to reveal it was a very busty, evil looking woman! Does Kotobuki know this woman!? Tune in next week to the next few paragraphs to find out!

Back at Duklyon Headquarters, Erii was giving Takeshi and Kentarou and ear full about not being worthy superheroes. Nokoru easily changed the subject to Erii's date however, and then commented on how he'd like Takeshi and Kentarou to find brides as well. *face palm* Because Nokoru is an evil little bastard sometimes. Thus Takeshi chased Kentarou all the way to Home Economics threatening violence on his blushing bride partner in stopping crime! Home Economics was focusing on dim sum that day, and while Kentarou's dumplings would be welcome in the finest restaurants, Takeshi's were all ill formed and falling apart. Aw, don't feel bad, Kentarou is only so good at domestic chores because he wants to make your life easier Takepon! In the middle of this discussion comes a hungry hungry...panda? Yes its evil, yes its giant, and yes its name is Shi Shi. Shi Shi immediately began to chomp down on everyone's hard work...most of which had been made with the intent to give it to a pretty girl. Or in Kentarou's case, his 'Teddy Bear'! So cute Kenpi! The two Defenders sprang into action! And set a record for shortest lived giant evil animal thus far! Thinking they were all done for the moment, Kentarou tried to go back to his dim sum making while still in his armour. <i>But</i> lo and behold, that woman from the first chapter! She's back, in sexy black, and unfortunately kicks our heroes' butts. Then runs away...sad. Anyways, she runs back to the faculty meeting room castle and reveals............................!

She's Kotobuki's fiancee! And old. *shot*

In other news, Kentarou wants to know when he and Takepon will be the stars again, and he doesn't like circle shaped panels...don't know why...

At the Grand Theatre: (and yes before you ask...CLAMP School has everything...its like a city...in the middle of Tokyo) Kentarou was crying, and Takeshi was wondering when the hell this X movie was going to be over. After the movie was over, they tried to sneak off before Erii's class got there, but their escape was thwarted. Though Kotobuki worked as a great, shojou bubble filled distraction. It wasn't long however before the evil female leader of the ISDA showed up in a dramatic enterance that included minion posing an evil laugh and a goat. Baa Baa the not so giant, evil goat began eating the movie screen, which would make it impossible for the next class to see their movie! Erii attempted to draw everyone's attention so that the boys could transform, but instead she only got the old hag's evil female leader's attention. The evil female leader shot a...let's go with lightning bolt, at Erii, but Kotobuki was there to protect her! Yay! Take that you old hag! While this was going on, the boys had plenty of time to transform and strike a flashy entrance pose. Then they dismembered the goat...no really there's blood and everything! I swear! The old hag was not pleased, not please at all! She asked for Erii's name, then ominously told Erii she was going to die. Cue Kentarou freaking out over getting cut out of his own manga and Takeshi holding him back. Its not smart to make the CLAMP ladies know you want more action, you might lose an eye, or a limb or something Kenpi!

At head quarters, Takeshi and Kentarou went over what had happened with Nokoru. He asked them to protect Erii. Because while she might be physically strong, she was vulnerable emotionally. Later while in the music room with their class, they took the opportunity to check up on Kotobuki. While his injury had healed, he still looked sad...then Kentarou realized Takeshi was tone deaf. (Another add to the list!!!) *ducks instruments, piano, other students, all being thrown by Takeshi in an attempt to hit Kenpi* Oh look! He hit him with the tambourine! ^__^;;; Enough silliness though, Usa Usa, the evil giant rabbit (with a bunch of non-giant rabbit cheer leaders) then appeared in the campus' central park! Takeshi and Kentarou took care of them, sending the lackeys running away from the insuing explosion. But Takeshi realized something was wrong. Neither of the leaders of the Imonoyama Shopping District Association were there. Not only was it poor leadership, but it meant something was up. Realizing that Erii was probably facing the old hag evil witch right then, they took off to find her. Sadly Takeshi 'misplaced' Kentarou's letter of complaint to CLAMP...so sad. Though...the paragraphs are getting shorter...

Meanwhile, Erii had started her fight with the evil lady and revealed that she was really a Space Police Officer and also an alien! The old hag reveals that she and Kotobuki are aliens and that he is a prince! ...also she calls Erii meatball head. I see no moon princesses here lady, get your sentai and senshi straight! Right as Eri realizes that Kotobuki and the evil prince who is supposedly taking over Earth are the same person, the boys show up! *shiny two page dramatic pose* They begin to use their finishing move, but the old hag just up and disappears on them, leaving Erii kinda broken, and Takeshi and Kentarou confused. Since they'd been ordered to look after her, the boys take to following her and hiding...in trees. While they happen to be watching her, they 'accidentally' eavesdrop on a conversation between her and Kotobuki. Erii tell shim that she knows his secret, and reveals her true identity as well. This happens to be the only time Kentarou seems to remember that their secret identities are secret and blurts out from their hiding spot not to reveal herself. As per usual, Takeshi claps his hand over Kentarou's mouth, but this time so that there isn't the chance of Erii turning a mallet on them.

In their tree, Takeshi and Kentarou cannot believe the revelation that Erii is an alien...never mind that aliens exist in the first place. Kotobuki takes off his uniform jacket which apparently triggers his transformation into the leader of the Imonoyama Shopping District Association. (...so...what happens when you take off all his clothes then? *shot*) He tells Erii that he is on Earth to conquer it and make it the honeymoon resort for him and his fiancee. Cue said fiancee, the evil hag! While they trade insults, Kentarou begins planning his and Takeshi's honeymoon to Disneyland. The flailing is stopped when the old hag announces her most fearsome monster yet! The dog! ...that Takeshi was painting...badly? Remember now? Good. Anyway, the cute little dog is also an alien, and Ms. Old Hag decides to make him REALLY giant, so he can stomp on and kill play with Erii. With no other options, the boys transform (see the cute little side comic about how they change into their armor while hiding in the bushes!). Kotobuki rescues Erii in the nick of time, and the Duklyon boys make their awesome entrance back into the spotlight! However the are unable to hurt the adorable Inuko-san. Luckily Inuko-san is in the mood to play, and when she sees the whole gang of ISDA people, she starts to chase after them! Takeshi and Kentarou try to think of a way to prevent the giant dog from destroying the entire campus while trying to play. But your friendly neighbourhood Nokoru has already thought of an answer boys! Appearing in hologram form again, Nokoru tells them he has a secret weapon for them. Which is.........making them giant too! (Um...its CLAMP, give me a break!) They begin to play with giant sized Inuko-san, negating any threat the dog might have had. Meanwhile the romance plot that has taken over this nonsense has developed further! Kotobuki asks Erii to elope with him. The old hag tries to complain to his parents, but they really don't care. So Erii agrees, Kentarou wants Takeshi to elope with him and giant Takeshi chases giant Kentarou around the campus, flailing the entire time! A few months later, Erii and Kotobuki return from their honeymoon and Kotobuki becomes a full member of Duklyon who now fights...Mokona? Really? Is it fair to make the characters fight their own creators!? *sigh* CLAMP...

...end. Thank god. Now there is a 90% chance you will NEVER ever get another app history quite like that from me again. *collapses*

 'Kote/ Kotepon' (コテポン)
Caprimon <- <b>Kotemon</b> -> Dinohumon -> Knightmon -> Lord Knightmon

Kotemon is aggressive, hard working, and easily pissed off. He probably won't tell you when he's angry though, as he's more the type to go off and beat something into the ground to vent his anger. It's not really because he's quiet (though he can be occasionally), he's just intolerant of stupidity. And if you can't figure out what you did wrong, in his mind, you're stupid.

His favourite thing is practicing, and his next favourite thing is actual battle. He won't go out looking for fights, but if he's challenged, you'd have to pull him away kicking and screaming before he'd turn it down (and if you did, he'll probably hate you forever). He has a strong sense of honor, so he'd never willingly or knowingly wrong someone, no matter how annoying or pathetic.

When he's not practicing (which is rare), or fighting, he's hardly relaxing. He prefers to keep busy, just like his tamer. Though Kotemon's idea of 'busy' tends to be on the extreme side (if you aren't sweating, or in pain, you aren't trying hard enough). It isn't impossible to get along with him, just don't do anything dumb, don't waste his or your time, and let him practice until obscene hours in the morning.


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